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Customer Testimonials

"I love it. The brace works wonders and it keeps my posture correct at all times. I feel like i'm developing a muscle memory from using the brace, even for a few hours after taking it off, i still maintain a straight posture. I feel much more confident with no more rounded shoulders."

Emily R*** - Posture Promises Customer Review

"I have been using the posture corrector for about a week. It might be too early to know how beneficial it has been to my posture and health but I bought this after having more intense than usual lower back pain for about two weeks prior. So far the back pain has gone and I feel much less pressure on my lower back when I have the posture corrector on."

Jake G****** - Posture Promises Customer Review

"I love this posture corrector. My husband was like "WOW" you look great when I put it on. I always used to stand slumped over and it immediately made me stand up straight and tall. It is easy to take on and off, easy to adjust and comfortable to wear."

Nicole A***** - Posture Promises Customer Review